About me

Floating between a Master’s and an oh-so-etheral PhD, I find myself, a Northern country lass, living in the Big Smoke and grappling to get that ever elusive Graduate necessity: EXPERIENCE. Two degrees at Oxford means I live and breathe stress and rushing around….so faced with a zero-hour contract what to do?

This blog chronicles my attempts to gain skills and experience in the museum world, my failures to get a proper job, and the ways I manage to fill the space in-between. Something familiar, most likely, to much of our ‘Lost Generation’ but even more so, to any and every Egyptologist out there!

Why ceramics, you ask? In the last year of my Undergraduate, I discovered a passion for ancient pottery, and spent my Research Masters delving deep into the heart (and the crumbling books) of Ancient Egyptian ceramics.  I wrote a massive tome (thanks to the overlooked extensive appendixes) on the Post-New Kingdom ceramics currently being excavated at Amara West, Sudan, by the British Museum. This added to the research done for my Undergrad on non-provenanced ceramics excavated from the Lahun area by Petrie, held in the Pitt Rivers Museum and the Manchester Museum. With both a museum and excavation focus under my belt, I knew I was lost to the charms of everything else. 

So while I wait for a chance to do that allimportant PhD, I while away my time trying to keep up with the Egyptological world, trying recipes from British Bake Off, driving my landlord to despair with my gardening projects and exploring this big old city in the South!



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